About CarMax

CarMax was built on the idea that there had to be a better way to buy a used car. So we set out to change things by making the buying process as easy (and fun!) as possible.

Before anything else though, we laid the foundation upon which our car-selling venture would be built: INTEGRITY.

Integrity in the way we treat customers and each other. And integrity in the way we select, renew, and protect our cars.

Only then did we move forward with the business of changing the way America buys cars…

When we asked customers what they wanted, this is what we heard:

  • A hassle-free experience
  • Up front, low prices and no haggling
  • A great selection of high-quality cars
  • The option to sell us a car outright, without having to buy one from us
  • No-pressure customer service‚Ķ with a smile!

And that’s how we’ve done things, right from the start.


The CarMax Quality Promise:  CarMax is committed to selling high quality cars and providing the most transparent and integrity-driven car buying experience in the industry.